Blender 2.8.1


For all enthusiasts and pros, the long-awaited Blender 2.8 update was a god-sent. Not saying anything about the 2.7 branch, but it was more of a cryptic black art to even master how the interface behaves. With 2.8, everything has changed. Blender suddently became user-friendly, novice-friendly, with an interface that is an artwork in itself. As much as I am, trying to hide how excited I was when I first got it, it gave me hope and strength to learn it again.

Bt, sure thing, there were glitches. For me, the buttons became opaque, and moving around simply pressing on a black sircle is what I have learned to do. Mind you, I am not complaining, this is probably the only small bug I have ever noticed. Sure, says something about my level of Blender mastery, but, what I am trying to hint at, is that 2.8 is amazingly stable, even for thise that have no idea what is it that they are doing.

But now came 2.8.1. Among the most visible improvements – menus display where they should, everything got even simplified somehow, and it is still the wonderful Blender we love. And, if you are still reading, now is the time to stop and go download it!