I don't know of a single person who would not wait with anticipation for this year to be over. I don't know anyone who would not start swearing just trying to describe 2020. Really, it has been a challenge for all of us.

It has been a year when suddenly the cosy, simple, understandable existence has drastically changed, but that is nothing every one of us has not experienced, willingly or unwillingly.

But is there anything we could learn from it? Must have been, as it is a critical question now, that everyone has realized by now that we are not going back. Ever. Because neither travel, the way we work, or the way we act will never be the same. But, what are those lessons learned?

first of all, we all by now seen to have understood how global ad inter-dependent we are. Somehow, it has been taken by granted that we can travel anywhere, anytime. Travel, especially for tourism, has not only become accessible and relatively cheap, but it has escalated to be a way of life, at least in Europe and America. Not going somewhere for the summer holidays, not posting pictures from remote beaches and places has almost become a deliberate action of spending time home instead of discovering new places. We got so used to it that we have started to think that it is almost a human right, something that we have always had. Which is really totally false. Talk to your parents, to your grand-parents, and you will discover that some forty years ago everyone was in the same situation we are now - tourist travel was non-existent.

We are going back to this situation. Will that lead to more internal tourism, more restrictions for international travelers, especially the health aspect of it? Quite probably, but it globally tourism is going back to where it was some fifty years ago.

 Last but not least, one more lesson learned is a new role of the family. Not really new, as your family, friends and relatives have always been there, but, once again, taken for granted. In times of trouble, it is this network that has provided itself critical for our sanity. And that is good thing, as we are, once agin, going back to the values that have, over the last twenty years, quite deteriorated.

And, finally, what COVID has made us realize, is that there is really nothing as important as your health. No money can buy what we get for free - healthy lifestyle, washing hands, doing sports, and taking care of ourselves.

Not too bad, hey?